Fresh Start!


Happy New Year Everyone!  

It's January. Here come the resolutions. You stop something. You start something. You change something. We've just ended a holiday period in which eating is a big part of the fun, so it's no wonder many people's resolutions revolve around food. We care a lot about good food here at San Luis Sausage and we have a few ideas about eating. So allow us to share some thoughts. 

Let's acknowledge that most resolutions fizzle out within a matter of weeks, if not days. With the best of intentions, people plan strict diets and rigorous exercise regimens only to realize that this is not the way they want to live. Anything done to the extreme won't last. So how can you approach the goal in a way that allows for success?  

Get Real: With the right priorities and a dose of realism, you can lose holiday pounds. You don't have to give up enjoyment. You might simply eat all the things you would normally eat but cut the portions in half. Or if you really crave something that's off-limits in a weight loss plan, you might create a menu  that focuses on lean meats (San Luis Sausages included!) and lots of veggies, but that also provides one splurge day per week during which you can have whatever you want. Or try this: lunch on Wednesday and dinner on Saturday are “no holds barred” occasions. If you're careful the rest of the time and not impatient, the pounds should come off.  

Course Correction: Sharks navigate through the water trying to detect the scent of prey. They adjust course based on incoming information and zigzag their way to the goal: a wounded fish, a fisherman's bait, or a pretty girl in a bikini foolishly swimming alone at night. You can achieve your goals in much the same way by correcting your actions when a “misdirection” (pigging out during a football game) causes you to change course back to grilled salmon and asparagus spears. Just make the adjustment at the very next meal and try to stay on course 

Falling Off the Wagon: When you make a drastic change, especially one that feels like deprivation, it requires fierce determination and will power. But few people can maintain that for long, and sooner or later, they revert. If you fall off the wagon most authorities will advise you to dust yourself off and jump right back on. But many people view the “fall” as failure and use it as an excuse to stop. Our advice: if you don't think of it as a wagon, there's nothing to fall off of. Your plan isn't ruined. It's not about failure; it's about success. And if you string enough “successful” meals together, you'll get to your goal.

We believe that most people know exactly what to eat if they want to lose weight. They also know what not to eat. It's really not complicated. If you maximize the former and minimize the latter, you should be pleased with the result. 

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