The Secret of San Luis Sausage

Grace with Sausages


The making of sausages all through history,
Has always been a bit of a mystery.
It's better that way, the wise men said.
What you'd see if you watched it would fill you with dread.

They compared it to lawmaking, dirty and crude. They didn't want any of us to intrude.
With the promise of cover they'd do what they might. Throw anything in there, out of our sight.

Who knows what chemicals, adders, and so on, End up in the casings? That's not much to go on. It's time you all knew what was secret before. Let's pull back the curtain – a mystery no more!

And while we can't speak for another chef's mixture, San Luis can give you a clear, vibrant picture,
Of just how we do it, and why we're so sure,
That our sausage is tasty, and wholesome, and pure.

We start with the freshest, the leanest, the best. Very few sausages pass that test.
We flavor with spices, we sprinkle in herbs.
The final result is simply superb.

We may use an apple, an onion, some nuts.
We limit the meats to the premium cuts.
And that's a small sampling of what we have got. Here's an idea of what we have not.

We don't use meat trimmings; we never use scraps. We don't put in fillers to take up the gaps.
There are no preservatives, no MSG.
Nothing in there that you don't want to see.

We mix our own spices, we chop our own fruit. We care what we make and there's no substitute. But that's just a recipe, not the whole tale. There's more we must say if we're lifting the veil.

With everything else that you'll find inside,
Our sausages are filled with pride.
We put in integrity, excellence, love,
This last one, of course, we hold nothing above.


When San Luis Sausages get to your plate,
You're dining on food we've been proud to create. If you're happy, well fed, and feeling content, We've accomplished our goal one hundred percent.

So here's to great sausages, bursting with flavor,
In many varieties for you to savor.
And here's to our customers, a heart-felt Thank You! We know the secret and now you do too. 


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