Wholesale Information


All of our sausages are preservative free. We use the best cuts of meat; boneless, skinless thigh meat for the poultry sausages and pork shoulder roast for the pork sausages. Our ingredients are carefully chosen and mixing is always done under the supervision of our sausage maker, Grace Knight.

Packaging Information


Andouille is made in a 2 to 1 link. Pork Apple links comes 8 to 1 . Country Pork is a 10 to 1 link. All other sausages are made in 4 to 1 links. We also make the following in 2 oz links upon request:

Chicken Mediterranean
Chicken Apple
Thai Chicken

Except for Andouille, all our sausages come in 10 pound cases, two 5 pound vacuumed packs per case. Andouille is loose packed in a 20 pound case.


Retail sausage is available in 1 pound vacuum packs, 10 pounds to a case.


Foodservice and retail varieties are also available cooked upon request.

For additional information or for a Distributor near you, please call us at:

(714) 633-6614
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