Cindi Mysyk, - Repeat Customer

“Oh my goodness – the Italian sausage was such a delight. We enjoyed them so very much. If this is any indication as to your other flavors, you will have a customer forever and I will surely pass the name of San Luis Sausage around to my friends. Excellent!”

Dave Samuels, Sales Manager - Ingardia Brothers

"I have had the privilege of working with San Luis Sausage for several years.  I love the fact that they never have, and never will compromise on the quality of their ingredients. I have first hand knowledge of this, because not only do we distribute their products to some of our most discerning clients, we also provide many of the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing. Grace Knight and her Operations Manager, Lisa Flores always demand the highest quality and freshness of the products we supply to them.

 They have been a wonderful company to distribute for, and a great customer as well!"


Michael S. Shafer, Corporate Chef - Depot, Fino, Misto, Deseanco, Chez Mélange

“After working in Germany and Austria, I finally have found the quality and handmade excellence in the sausages produced by San Luis Sausage Company here in the United States."

Carrie Nahabedian, Executive Chef - Four Seasons at Beverly Hill in Los Angeles

“Grace Knight and her staff have always provided me with a great product, excellent flavors and variety, plus service that is totally committed to satisfying her clients."

Laurent Poulain, Executive Chef - The Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage

“San Luis Sausage is very creative. I have tasted and used sausages from many sources and I find San Luis Sausage to be one of the best. All of the flavors are excellent. The product is consistent and well executed overall.”

Sylvia Frausto, - Repeat Customer

"I’d like to take a moment to thank you for introducing me to San Luis Sausage!  I took it home and introduced it to my husband, Andy, who loved it as well, as have our family and friends.  We love the fact that everything is so fresh and without any additives or preservatives.  Our favorites are the fresh chorizo, cheddar bratwurst and your chicken sausage varieties.  We always look forward to our next meal that includes San Luis Sausage!"